Use & Care Instructions

Cooler Use and Care Guide

To get the most out of your America Cooler, you must use it properly. Below are some ways you can maximize your ice retention and cooler longevity. 

Cooler Ice Retention Guidelines

  • To achieve maximum ice retention, store your cooler in a cool area 24 hours before use, and pre-chill food and drinks before loading into your cooler. 
  • Keep your cooler in the shade whenever possible, ice can last twice as long in the shade as it can in the sun. 
  • Do not drain the water, as the recently melted ice is very cold and will help keep your cooler ice cold for longer.
  • Don’t leave the lid open when you don’t have to. When the lid is open you lose cold air and replace it with warm air that has to be cooled, resulting in ice melt.
  • Use the right ice for you. Block ice will last longer, while smaller cubed ice will chill contents quicker. They can be used by themselves or mixed to achieve the desired effect. 
  • Avoid large areas of air in your cooler. If possible, fill your cooler full to the top with ice.